LED Step Lights: the Revolutionary New Way to
Save Money on Stair Lighting

If you are tired of your commercial or residential stair lighting breaking down or running your electric bills too high, then it’s time to change to LED step lights. This revolutionary new innovation in lighting technology is safer, more durable, and more affordable over time. LED Tread Light is the leader in providing businesses and homes with lighting unlike anything else available on the market. If you are looking for the safest, most durable product on the market, then it’s time you joined the thousands of other business and homeowners throughout the country and purchased your own personalized set of LED step lights.


If you own a business, then you are already well aware
of the issues that traditional stair lighting causes:

Lights in high-traffic areas are stepped on constantly, causing them to break in as little as a few months.

Traditional bulbs may be cheaper in the beginning, but they cost far more to run, causing your electric bills to steadily increase.

Most companies make it next to impossible to replace the bulbs, making your life even harder.

They offer little to no control for the operator, meaning you are stuck with one color at all times.

Not the same old LED step lights…

Unlike the traditional lights you are used to, this new innovation in the industry offers the maximum level of safety for your guests or patrons. They are specially designed to be more durable and come with a range of personalization options so you can let your business’ theme shine.

Whether you are the hottest nightclub on the beach or a bespoke gaming parlor catering to high-class personnel, LED step lights from LED Tread Light, LLC. offer you significant savings, increased safety from liability, and save you countless hours of stress and repairs.

Are you a:

Bar or Club Owner?:

LED lights have the style and sophistication to make any bar or club look high-class and trendy. Just a few simple treads could completely change the entire vibe of your establishment. Our clients range from steamy nightclubs to sports bars and everything in between. The savings, added safety, and increased durability help you cut costs while the unrivaled style helps cement you as the go-to place in town for fun and excitement.


The adrenaline rush of the slot machine bell, the soothing drone of shuffling poker chips, the wild cries of relief after laying it all on red—all of it tied together by lighting so soothing that it makes patrons forget that they’re even inside! Casinos and gambling halls are making the change to LED lighting faster than any other industry. Nothing sets the mood more than smooth, opulent lighting from light emitting diodes.

Homeowner looking to add some style of and grace to your home?:

Want to really get your neighbors talking about your home? Then hit them with a light show before they even get in the door.

If so..

Here’s Why You’ll Wish You Had Switched Sooner

As a business owner, your time is your most precious commodity. So why waste it when you don’t have to?

We specialize in providing the best stairway lighting available on the market. This technology solves all of the problems that current competitors cause your establishment. While regular stair lighting is certainly of value and gets the job done, there are a few things it can’t do.

Here’s why you’ll wish you had switched to LED step lights sooner:


Stop wasting so much time replacing lights

Lights in high-traffic areas can get stepped on thousands of times a night. On a busy weekend, it could be tens of thousands. Traditional lights can’t hold up in these environments. At the very least, you’ll constantly be cleaning scuff marks. At worst, you’ll be fixing broken lights every month.

LED step lights are positioned at a 45-degree angle rather than on the nose of the stair, rendering them far less susceptible to damage. Now, whenever your patrons step on the stairs, their feet won’t come anywhere near your lights. This is especially beneficial to nightclubs where patrons might not always be in the right state of mind.

Stop wasting so much time replacing lights
Stop paying major electric bills every month

Stop paying major electric bills every month

Overhead costs are your establishment’s biggest expense. In exchange for paying a bit more up front for a superior product, you can cut your bills significantly over the long term. And for businesses using commercial levels of lighting, the savings become even more significant. According to the Department of Energy, LEDs last 25 times longer than incandescent bulbs and use at least 75% less energy.

Over the span of years, this will result in savings of thousands of dollars or more, depending on the size of your business.

Gain full control over your lighting

Traditional lighting doesn’t have nearly the level of flexibility that clubs, bars, or casinos need. If you wanted to get that level of control, you’d have to buy dozens of different lights. Not with LEDs.

The level of style of and sophistication of our LED products gives you complete control according to your taste and your establishment’s theme. You have the choice of a frosted acrylic light or an opaque model, and each is easily operated by a DMX controller.

Gain full control over your lighting
Behold superior lighting

Behold superior lighting

As you can see in the demonstration video at LEDTreadLight.com, the level of output from this innovative technology is outstanding. The stairs illuminate the entire area, and that’s only at 10% output! Imagine the awe they’d inspire at 50%? The ability to change the output of your lights is just another level of control that makes our product superior to traditional lights.

Stop stressing over replacing lights

It’s normal business practice for lighting companies to make it as difficult as possible to change their lights. Sometimes, you can fight with them for hours just to get your LEDs. From there, it’s a hassle to replace them.

With our products, you can easily replace the tread by unscrewing the cap. Instead of making it as hard as possible for you to get replacement parts, we make the entire process seamless. If you’ve dealt with other LED companies before, you’ll instantly notice the difference between us and them.

Stop stressing over replacing lights

Not Just for Businesses

While commercial clients may reap the majority of the savings benefits, homeowners too are embracing the next step in stairway lighting. Having stair lights in the home drastically increases safety, but we find the majority of our customers are interested in the style and grace that our products exude.

Now, you’ll be able to turn your entry staircase or outdoor steps into dazzling displays of light complete with class and sophistication. At night, you can set the mood with frosted acrylic blue and wow your guests with lighting unlike they’ve ever seen.

Whether it’s for your front porch, back deck, pool stairs, or indoor staircases, LED step lights have a place anywhere in your home.


LEDTreadLight.Com Offers Full Customizability

As the leading purveyor of step lights for homes and businesses, we offer our clients advantages that most competitors don’t.

Instead of being forced into one-size-fits-all products or restrictive business models, we allow you to build your own set according to your needs.

Whether you are a small pub that just needs a few lights for one staircase or the hottest club on the beach that needs a total lighting overhaul, you are in complete control of what you get and how much you pay.

Here’s how we let businesses of all shapes and sizes completely customize their lighting solutions and control costs:

You choose your product:

We offer two types of lights, each with an extra strong polyethylene backing for added durability.

You choose your length:

We understand that not every company’s needs and budgets are the same, so we offer multiple different length selections at varying price points. You can choose as big or as small a light as you’d wish. Our lights range in size from 3 feet to 6 feet.

Choose your accessories:

We offer a range of accessories to make life as convenient for you as possible. If at any time you need a replacement part, you can order one from our site rather than having to replace the entire system. We stock everything from extra wire to spare power supplies. It’s all up to you. You can choose from:

DMX controllers
LED tape replacement rolls (easily installed for quick repairs on the spot)
Power supplies
Control wire
DMX control box (recommended for seamless control over your entire system from one box)

We want you to be in full control of your lighting experience. With our build-your-own-lighting system, you have unlimited flexibility. Of course, our lighting experts are standing by to help you should you have any questions.


LEDTreadLight.Com: Who are we?

LED Tread Light, LLC. is an industry leader in innovation and customer service, connecting home and business owners across America to the industry’s next innovation in lighting. We are proud to offer the best stairway lighting in the business. Safer, more durable, and far more convenient to replace, our product is solving the issues that have plagued traditional stairway light owners for decades.

Not only are we helping business owners solve their major lighting challenges, we have also changed the way our products are brought to our customers. Our unique, highly flexible do-it-yourself business model allows our customers to pick and choose exactly what they want and how much of it they want. We don’t sell one-size-fits-all packages or standard bundles that lock you into products you don’t need or won’t ever use. You can order on demand from us and get exactly what you need whenever you need it.

That’s how we help businesses of all budgets and sizes get the products they need at prices they can afford.

Aside from our dedication to quality products, we are also dedicated to quality service and improving the lives of business owners around the country. We want you to get the products you need and have them installed flawlessly. That’s why we recommend contractors in your area that will install your system at a discounted rate. These trusted partners of ours are thoroughly vetted and held to high standards, so you know you are getting excellent workmanship. Should you ever need repairs, they’d be happy to be there as quickly possible to get your lights working again. As a business owner, you can’t afford any downtime.

In the end, our goal is to connect our clients with the lighting solutions they need at prices they can afford.

Are You Ready for the Next Step in Commercial and Residential Stairway Lighting?

If so, then get started building your own LED step light package now. The checkout process is extremely simple.


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From there, you make your payment (a shipping charge applies) and you’ll have the parts in no time at all. If you ever need any help, just contact us via the form on our site or speak to us using our live chat feature, and we’ll help in any we can. We are happy to answer questions, provide tips, recommend products, or even find you a local technician to install or repair your system.

At LEDTreadLight.com we’ve made it easier than ever for your home or business to benefit from the latest innovation in the lighting industry. If you’re still using traditional lighting instead of LED step lights, you are losing money and wasting time.

If you have a high-traffic area, there is no other choice than our lighting. Get started today!