Does this sound familiar?

You’re the owner of a busy club and you want to make sure your patrons can safely ascend or descend your staircases, so you illuminate their path with lights. The problem is that your business has heavy foot traffic, and since your lights are positioned on the nose (or lip), they are easily scoffed or broken. You probably have to change them every month (and anyone with experience trying to get replacement parts can tell you that this is no easy task).
When you have hundreds or even thousands of visitors, the old way simply doesn’t cut it. Sticking with it is costing you more money than you are aware of.
And we haven’t mentioned the electric bills at the end of the month or the time wasted cleaning and repairing your lights.
Now, there is a better way to do things.

LED Stair Lights

Unlike traditional lights that are exposed to the rigors of heavy foot traffic, LED stair lights are positioned toward the back of the stair lip to avoid the wear and tear that costs you hundreds of dollars or more each year. On top of that, they are designed to last, cost less over time, and are easily replaceable so you don’t waste hours searching for new bulbs.


Who are these lights for?

These stylish and trendy led step lights create a lavish atmosphere that exudes class and sophistication, so they are the perfect fit for any establishment that is looking for an extra jolt of opulence and mystery.

Gaming Parlors:

LED stair lights are the lighting of choice for casinos, gambling halls, and other gaming parlors across the world, especially ones trying to create an air of mystery and excitement. Place them on all of your staircases to make patrons feel the adrenaline rush of the “Ding! Ding! Ding!” from the slot machines.


The hottest nightclubs in America may all be different, but they have one thing in common: atmosphere. Frosted acrylic lighting produces an unrivaled response in visitors. Give your club the boost it needs by lighting it up and giving patrons the feeling that they are entering a sultry environment where the party never ends.


Unless your theme is an old-school vibe, the last thing you want is for your bar to feel outdated. Competition for bar patrons is fiercer than it's ever been, as people have an unlimited choice of locations, promotions, giveaways, and parties. Modernize your interior by getting lights that save you money, last longer, and give off a one-of-a-kind vibe.

Cautious Homeowners

Our stair lights aren’t only for commercial customers. Homeowners that wish to provide maximum lighting for safety and style purposes and who are tired of replacing damaged lights benefit the most from our lights. If you’re a homeowner who wants to turn the entrance of their home or staircases into an opulent, attention-grabbing light-up wonder, contact us today to build your custom lights.

Stair Light

These are just a few of the clients that come to LED Tread Light for their lighting needs. In reality, LED stair lights are the perfect fit for anyone that needs to illuminate their stairs. Just like light bulbs were the natural progression after torch-lit staircases, so too are LED lights the next step in the evolution of the industry. And now, they are more affordable and accessible than ever!

Why Buy LED Stair Lights?

It’s clear that you can add a bit of flair to your home or business with LED lights, but we aren’t going to claim you can really build “your own stairway to heaven.” The benefits of LED stair lights are far more practical than that.
For home or business owners, there are a few unquestionable benefits that make these the superior choice.

Stair Light

Stop Worrying About Scuff Marks:

If you’re a busy club, bar, or gaming house, you’ll have no shortage of patrons climbing up and down your stairs, and they won’t always be in the right state of mind. You know what that leads to: you install a brand new set of lights only to start cleaning deep scuff marks off within a few months. LED stair lights are placed at a 45-degree angle, meaning that even if a large person were to make contact with them, it would not be on the visible part of the light. In the case of traditional lights, the full foot would contact the light, leaving a visible mark. LED lights look better and are less work for your staff.

Stop Waiting Forever to Replace Your Lights:

Have you noticed how hard it is to replace traditional stair lighting? Most of the competition purposefully makes it difficult to replace their lighting so you get swindled into upgrades or are forced to use their other expensive services. Tread lighting is their worst nightmare. Stop waiting forever and jumping through hoops to replace your lights. You’ve got a business to run! With our tread lighting, you just unscrew the faceplate and replace the light tape, and you are good to go!

Stair Light

You are Finally in Complete Control:

What our clients love the most about their lights is the level of control. Instead of being stuck with one color and one level of brightness, you can change the color and brightness of your lights with ease. As soon as you install your LED tread lights, you’ll step back, behold their beauty, and wonder why you didn’t change sooner. As little as 10% lighting is enough to brighten up the room, but feel free to go as high as you’d like!

Extra Safety:

Like we mentioned before, not all of your patrons (or house guests!) will be in the right state of mind. Tread lights offer superior lighting and positioning for maximum safety. And, with different light settings, you can easily brighten up your stairs to your desired level of illumination. For added safety, each tread light comes with a polyethylene backing for extra sturdiness and durability.


Did we mention that these lights look a whole lot better than traditional ones? The tread across the front of the stair gives it a futuristic look while maintaining a sense of regality and wonder. With two types of tread—frosted or opaque—the style is yours to choose. We have something for every taste.

LED Tread Light: The leaders in LED tread light innovation

At LED Tread Light, LLC. we are more than a company that connects businesses and homeowners to this revolutionary new lighting. We are purveyors of this exciting new innovation in stair lighting that has upped the standards of durability, style, and safety that you’ve become accustomed to.
Not only that, we have revolutionized the way that these products are brought to you. From stocking the most advanced technology in the industry to connecting you with local, trusted technicians to ensure proper installation, we ensure your home or place of business is in good hands at every step.
We even allow you to build your own lighting setup. We’ve been in this business for years, and while we loved the old way of doing things, innovation is unstoppable. That’s why we’ve changed the entire business model to give our customers more flexibility, better prices, and higher performance. With LED Tread Light, LLC., you are not limited to just a few options—you can build your own setup right from our website via our easy-to-use platform. You can select as few or as many treads as you want and all of the bells and whistles that come along with.
Working with a small budget? No problem, a few treads will do. Do you have the hottest nightclub in the city and need to revamp your entire interior to fit the bill? We can handle that too. It’s all up to you (we explain the customization in detail further below).
Our goal is to connect your home or business to the most durable, safe, and affordable technology in the stair lighting industry. We hope you love what you get as much as we love what we sell!

The Best Stairway Lighting + Full Customizability

LED Tread Light takes things one step further by not only changing the technology businesses and homeowners use to light their stairs but by changing the way our clients access the technology.
We believe that each client’s needs are different, and we don’t care much for overpriced individual quotes. So we bring you maximum flexibility by letting you build your own package. Of course, we are here to help if you need us, and we’d be happy to help you estimate your needs, but you can create your own package even if you have limited experience.

You can choose the size, style, and number of lights you wish to build as well as the added extras on the side. We offer:

  • Opaque High-Density Polyethylene Treads
  • Frosted Acrylic Polyethylene Treads
  • DMX Controllers
  • Power Supplies
  • Control Wire
  • DMX Control Box
  • LED Tape Replacement Roles (our most convenient offering!)

We stock everything you need to have a fully functioning, easily controllable stair lighting system so you never have to go from vendor to vendor to get what you need. Why waste all that time and money just to go through all of the stress when you can get everything in one place?
Not only does this help our clients get exactly what they need but it lets them purchase individual products should they ever lose them.

The process is simple:

Choose the products you need

Choose the products you need

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And you’re ready to go! You’ll have your LED stair lights in no time.


If you need any help, just contact us through the contact form on our site, and we’ll be happy to help you figure out what you need, find a recommended local electrician, or just clear up any confusion there might be with one of our products.