The Best Stairway Lighting Available

LED Tread is a new innovation in stair lighting providing superior safety and styling.


Traditional custom stairway lighting is positioned on the nose of the step and is scoffed and damaged by every person using the stairway. This eventually destroys the unit and needs to be replaced on a regular basis. LED tread sits at the back of the step at a 45 degree angle that is less susceptible to damage.


Available in 2 types of tread. A frosted acrylic with a high density polyethylene backing and a high density polyethylene face and backing.


LED tread lighting is more affordable than traditional stair lighting.


LED tread also can replace the light tape in the unit at a very reasonable price. Unscrew the face plate replace the tape and you are back in business. The competition makes it extremely difficult and expensive to replace their LEDS, plus you are stuck with one color.

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